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All The Single Ladies: New Self-Help Book Coming Up

Updated: Jul 10

Welcome to my new website ~ I can't wait to share with you everything that I've been working on! :)

Right now, I'm writing a self-help book that's especially catered to educated and accomplished women like you. It's about time there's a book out there for women who are hot, successful...and unwittingly single. I choose to use "unwittingly" because I believe that most people (women and men included) want to find a partner, but it just hasn't happened yet due to certain circumstances. While we can't control many of these circumstances, we can control our intention, and the first step is setting your heart to it. If you don't have the right mindset to help yourself, then no one can.

"But how?" - you ask. My book, China's Leftover Women: Late Marriage among Professional Women and its Consequences actually has many of the answers. Although it was meant for the academic market - and it has become a must-read book for many gender and family studies courses, contemporary Chinese society courses, and even social research methods courses in universities around the world - many people have actually got in touch with me through ResearchGate and even social media to get a hold of it. Hmm, meaning it must have commercial quality.

It's so unfortunate that the book, like all academic books, are dreadfully inaccessible (who could pay, or would pay, a whopping 60 US dollars for a 200-page book? And that's for paperback only. Wait till you hear how much the hardback costs...let's just say the only person I know who ordered one full-price on Amazon was a very kind-hearted uncle who did it as a symbolic gesture of support for my being a first-time published author!)

Well, that's all gonna change. I've decided at long last to share my theories and solutions in a new self-help book I'm writing. I promise it'll be bigger and better than before. It won't be just an adaptation of its academic version, but a more update, informative and accessible book that's designed to help single and successful women like you find Mr. Right based on real research - no bluffs, real stuff!

So stay tuned to this space. Much more to share later! :)

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