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Last First Date Radio

Why do strong and successful women "struggle" in the dating market? What challenges do they face when navigating life and love? Watch me and dating expert Sandy Weiner discuss career women balancing work and family life, the "dilemma" of dating "less successful men," and the importance of having more clarity and focus in partner choice. What's YOUR type of man and YOUR marriage goals? Watch our episode and find out more! 

The Asian Dating Podcast

Watch me and professional matchmaker May Bugenhagen discuss Asian women dating Western men, who pays and who's stingy, yellow fever, Asian fetish, all sorts of dating faux pas, and of course, the "leftover women" phenomenon! 

Wanna learn more? Read my blog post, "Can't Find Someone? Try Dating BEYOND your culture: Cross-cultural Dating Pros & Cons & Caveats."

Aim4u Ladies Podcast

Why do different women have different partner choice expectations? Can women

"Have It All?" - a Successful Career AND a Successful Man? What are the obstacles that stand in their way of finding the "perfect partner"? Find out what partner is right for you, and get some life-affirming inspo on me and confidence coach, Sophia Tuckett's episode! 

Calm, Clear & Helpful Podcast

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Listen to me and seasoned wellness journalist Mariette Snyman discuss the 4 types of highly-educated, single career women and their creative partner choice strategies to get the partners they want. Single and accomplished? This will lead you one step closer to your marriage goals! 

Insights with Dick Goldberg

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Are highly accomplished women averse to choosing less accomplished men? Listen to me and award-winning TV and radio host, Dick Goldberg debate about professional women's partner choices from different gender perspectives! 

Watch me talk about "leftover women"

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