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"Do Women Have An 'Expiry Date'?" 

 (Women's Hour Talk Show, Radio Television Hong Kong)

"Gender and Family in Asia" (Invited lecture, Asia as the Global Future Summer Institute, University of Hong Kong)

"Autoethnography as Method in Researching Intergenerational Intimacy" (Intimacy and Family Life in a Globalized World Symposium, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Hong Kong)


"Constraints and Strategies in Chinese Professional Women's Marriage Partner Choice" (Hong Kong Museum of History Ethnographic Talk)

"Gender and Marriage in China" (Invited lecture, Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

PolyU Lecture 7_edited.jpg

"Middle-Aged Chinese Women Living 'A Life of One’s Own' Post-Divorce and Post-Widowhood"(Society of East Asian Anthropology Conference, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)


"Chinese Professional Women's Filial Experiences of Marriage Partner Choice"

(British Sociological Association Conference, London School of Economics)

"Sheng Nü Phenomenon in Age and Life Course" (Invited lecture, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, University of Hong Kong)

"Researching Sheng Nü: In-depth Interviews and Constructing Grounded Theory" (Invited lecture: Master of Media, Culture and Creative Cities, University of Hong Kong)  

"Grounded Theory Method: Researching Sheng Nü" (Invited lecture: Department of  Sociology, University of Hong Kong)

"The Flexible Workplace in Hong Kong: A Qualitative Study"

(Crossroad of Globalization Conference, College of Communication and Media            Sciences, Zayed University, Dubai)

Watch me talk about "leftover women"

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